News of Irkutsk and Priangarye
To support the action, you need to post photos with the hashtags #SaveBaikal and #SaveBaikal on the social network.
The series will consist of nine episodes.
66 families received the keys to the apartments.
The surgeons managed to save him.
The individual entrepreneur was fined 30 thousand rubles.
The necessary documents will be signed shortly.
A total of 50 volumes of material have been collected.
We are talking about interest-free loans, microcrediting and the abolition of UTII in 2021.
A family of three flew with a passenger who was diagnosed with coronavirus.
He stressed that regional budgets should be able to use these funds flexibly.
Angarchanka received a call from a woman who introduced herself as an employee of the bank and said that allegedly from the accounts of the interlocut...