15 АПРЕЛЯ 2021
14 апреля 2021
13 апреля 2021

Illegal mining revealed in the urban forests of Bratsk

The prosecutor's office of Bratsk has stopped the illegal development of subsoil and the extraction of widespread minerals in urban forests, according to the website of the regional prosecutor's office on July 9.

The quarry is located along the old Padunskaya highway within the boundaries of the Central District of the city. It has been established that a land plot with an area of ​​about 40 thousand square meters is municipal property, the purpose of which is “urban forests”.

“It was not provided to anyone on the basis of ownership, lease or other type of use. No one has been issued a permit to carry out any work in this area, ”the message says.

But from April to May 2020, an individual entrepreneur carried out work on this site using personal and attracted equipment. The prosecutor issued a resolution against the entrepreneur to initiate an administrative offense case. Rosprirodnadzor has decided to fine the businessman 30 thousand rubles.

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