15 АПРЕЛЯ 2021
14 апреля 2021
13 апреля 2021

State Prize Laureate from Irkutsk asked Putin for help in publishing a dictionary of diale

Director of the Irkutsk Regional Center for the Russian Language, Folklore and Ethnography Galina Medvedeva, during the ceremony of presenting the State Prizes, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for help in publishing a dictionary of dialects of Russian old-timers of Baikal Siberia. The recording of the ceremony was published on June 24 on the Kremlin website.

“Today we are preparing the 22nd volume for publication, there are 28 more ahead. Everything is published only in one Irkutsk region, in other regions, where field research was also carried out, not a single volume of the dictionary has yet been published, despite requests to send at least one book per village. [...] On this issue, of course, we would very much like, Vladimir Vladimirovich, to see your support,” Medvedeva said.

A total of 50 volumes of information have been collected. The work has been carried out for almost 40 years, during this time about 1.5 thousand villages and villages of the Irkutsk region, Krasnoyarsk and Trans-Baikal territories, the Republic of Buryatia and Yakutia have been surveyed.

Medvedeva also announced that she wants to give Putin a book, on which she has been working for 30 years, — "Bear in the Russian traditional culture of Eastern Siberia", based on the living stories of hunters who live from the Yenisei to Kamchatka and from the Arctic Ocean to the border with Mongolia and China

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