14 АПРЕЛЯ 2021
13 апреля 2021
12 апреля 2021

Greenpeace volunteers launched a flash mob against deforestation around Lake Baikal

Volunteers of the environmental organization Greenpeace and the Fridays for future Russia movement launched a flash mob on social networks against deforestation around Lake Baikal, it was reported on July 29 on the organization's Facebook page.

To support the action, you need to post photos with the hashtags #SaveBaikal and #SaveBaikal on the social network.

On July 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that excludes construction on the projects for the modernization of the Baikal-Amur (BAM) and Trans-Siberian mainlines from under environmental restrictions, allowing clear deforestation on Lake Baikal until December 31, 2024. Experts note that the document also removes from restrictions any projects approved by the government in specially protected natural areas throughout Russia.

Russian Railways has already stated that the construction of new railway lines along the coast of Lake Baikal is not planned, and the felling will be of a local nature. Expanding the existing paths will require deforestation on an area of ​​41 hectares. In addition, the company noted that environmental monitoring will be organized during the work.

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